Able Limited Editions


Able Limited Editions offer an independent, private and confidential Ghostwriting Service. We can arrange for Manuscripts to be written by an in-house ghost-writer to a very high professional standard, whether or not Able Limited Editions is appointed to then publish the Manuscript. Clients will be the named authors and will retain worldwide copyright over their manuscripts, meaning the in-house ghostwriter takes no credit for writing the manuscript.

This is great if you have an excellent vision of a book; but maybe don't have the time to write the Manuscript. Or maybe you don't know how to go about writing a Manuscript to a professional standard any Publisher would consider. Whatever the reason you may decide to use our Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Service, the cost varies depending on your input. Maybe you have a Manuscript part written and you need a Ghost-writer to complete it for example.

Whatever the reason you use our ghostwriter service, what is basically consistent in any Ghostwriting Contract follows:-

  • First of all, the ghostwriter will waive all rights to be the named author of the proposed manuscript. The client will retain worldwide copyright over what will be written by the ghostwriter, whether Able Limited Editions is chosen by the client to publish the work.

  • Secondly, the ghostwriter will promise not to disclose any of the client's details, research materials, idea/s, or the proposed manuscript to any person whosoever except possibly the client's legal representative/s.

  • Thirdly the ghostwriter will carry out any absolutely essential research work to corroborate what is, may and will be written in the manuscript.

  • Fourthly, deadlines will be set for the ghostwriter to submit what has been written at various stages to the client. The client will then proofread at each stage.

N.B. - Fairy tales, any other form of fantasy, erotica, pornography, or anything which may be considered to be illegal or unlawful will not be accepted.

Contact us initially by email sent to , or use our online contact form for details.