Able Limited Editions


Able Limited Editions is primarily an independent, apolitical, Digital ISBN Fiction or non-Fiction eBook Publisher; but may agree to undertake Print On Demand publishing in paperback format also through a third party on the author's behalf.

The Digital Service involves undertaking many complex procedures to publish and produce eBooks in several formats from the author's Manuscript (MSS). But basically, it's designed to cater for the individual requirements and needs of clients (authors). Able Limited Editions is not a vanity publisher, however, meaning authors will not be charged any fee whatsoever to publish or produce the ebook/s. The financial risk to publish and produce ebooks is entirely Able Limited Editions. A brief outline of those digital publishing procedures follow:-

First of all, any prospective author (client) or their legal representative must be invited by Able Limited Editions to submit their manuscripts for consideration. To be invited, the clients must send (1) a short cover letter, (2) a synopsis of no more than 200 words and (3) a sample (first 3 Chapters) of the proposed manuscript to Able Limited Editions. See the Contact Us page for contact details. - If contacting us by email, the cover letter, plus synopsis and manuscript sample must be attached in password-protected Word doc or password-protected PDF format. A word of fair warning though - fairy tales, any other form of fantasy, erotica, pornography, or anything that may be considered to be illegal will not be acceptable.

Secondly, if invited, clients must then submit their whole manuscript to Able Limited Editions in the page and font format set out in our Submission Guidelines. Submission Guidelines are only available to invited authors (clients).

Thirdly, a suitable bespoke publication contract will be drafted by Able Limited Editions, to include fixed stage deadlines. A word of warning though, although clients will not be charged any publishing or production fee, there may be an editorial fee if clients don't follow the Submission Guidelines, for example.

Fourthly, clients must proofread the manuscript at each stage before publication.

Fifthly, Able Limited Editions will then issue ISBNs and register same with the relevant Authorities.

Sixthly, Able Limited Editions will produce ebooks in all their digital formats and or print format using print on demand technology, distribute copies of them to UK locations and sell copies in the UK accordingly.

Seven, Able Limited Editions will lodge copies of the produced books with the UK Legal Deposit Library.

Contact us initially by email sent to , or use our online contact form for further details.