About us

Able Limited Editions

Able Limited Editions is an apolitical & independent ISBN ebook publisher & online shop, based in Scotland since 2005. Being apolitical, we are very selective when considering any non-fiction and or fiction work for publication and or offering any published work for sale. A little more specifically, we do not and will not publish and or offer to sell any work which is fantasy, pornographic, erotic, or in any way whatsoever illegal. See our Publishing page for some detail.

We also offer a totally private & confidential Ghostwriting Service, where clients retain full worldwide copyright ownership as the author/s of the manuscript/s written on their behalf by an Able Limited Editions in-house writer. That effectively means those clients may then approach any publisher as the author, therefore copyright owner, with a reasonable view of having their ghostwritten work published. See our Ghostwriting page for some detail.