Able Limited Editions will be publishing titles in this EPUB Format very soon. Once any title is so published according to law therefore procedures it will show here.


Plus Instructions on Buying ePUB Format Books

Generally speaking, if any Able Limited Editions customers wishes to purchase any Able Limited Editions product published by Able Limited Editions, worldwide copyright over any such product is owned by the Author to protect their published work as much as is reasonably possible from piracy etc. Much more than often, the amount of work required to undertake to write as an author includes several years if not decades of research etc, whether said fiction or not. That's right, even fiction outwith any said fantasy content or coincidental foresight is not imaginary in most cases. Copyright protection is therefore understandable. So Able Limited Editions apply the strict policy of applying DRM (Digital Rights Management) in line with UK Copyright Law to any Title (book) published and available to purchase in their ePUB format.

If any customers wish to purchase ebooks without any Licensed ePUB DRM from Able Limited Editions, then they must buy Able Limited Editions EXE CD Format (see Terms & Conditions of Sale) copies through this website.

EPUB Instructions :-

In addition to the Terms & Conditions of Sale and Terms & Conditions of Use :-

  1. First of all, it's the sole responsibility of Able Limited Editions customers to ensure they have a compatible ereader of their sole choice installed on their chosen and suitably relevant device/s (including desktop PC/s and laptops) to download and read their copy/copies of their Title/s in DRM protected ePUB Format available to purchase via this website.

Initially, when customers purchase a DRM EPUB Format copy of any Title via this website they must download the relevant FuxPlayer (supplied by Flickrocket) from their Able Limited Editions Customer Account. The FluxPlayer (see below) is in fact an ereader and library through which the customers may chose to load their purchased copies of DRM protected EPUB ebooks onto a number of devices registered to them subject to their FluxPlayer Licence/s.

Operating Systems for the FluxPlayer include Windows PC, Mac OSX, IOS, and Android, for example. Operating Systems/Platforms also include Kindle Fire Tablet (although Able Limited Editions strongly advise their customers to purchase copies of the Able Limited Editions ebooks available in the Kindle Format via the Amazon website due to the Kindle limitations and policies of Amazon).

  1. Customers must also create an Able Limited Editions account to buy then download ePUB Format books. They must then ensure they select and purchase the correct DRM Licence per Title on the product order page (if given a choice of Licences). The product page and ebook cover image will clearly indicate if the product is in ePUB Format. If not given a choice of Licenses on the product page, then there is only one Licence on offer which will be clearly defined on the product page (ie permanent ownership of the download, or rental, etc).

  1. Once ordered on completing all form details, then paid for, customers must then enter their Able Limited Editions account page, where they will find the relevant ePUB download link/s by clicking on the Digital Content button.

  1. Customers will then find a choice of operating systems/platforms (see above) to chose from after clicking on the Digital Content button. It's their sole responsibility to select the correct operating system platform/s of their choice (ie Windows PC, Android, etc) from their chosen device/s to where they wish to download onto then read their ePUB Title/s. Then they must download their Title/s via their FluxPlayer in accordance with their DRM Licence using the relevant FluxPlayer login details sent to them via email.

The then relevant FluxPlayer supplied by FlickRocket will determine exactly what customers may do with the purchased ePUB Format Title copy/copies in accordance with the purchased Licence/s (ie load onto a limited number of devices registered to the customer/s etc). Able Limited Editions recommends customers download the relevant FluxPlayer onto their Desktop PC/Laptop to do that by syncing their devices to their PC or Laptop, or enter their Able Limited Editions Account page from each of their devices to download the relevant FluxPlayer onto each device.

Happy reading folks.

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