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Able Limited Editions is primarily and independent apolitical ISBN eBook Publisher; but may also agree to undertake Print on Demand publishing through any reliable third party on behalf of their authors as a completely separate service. But, Print on Demand aside, Able Limited Editions is not and will not be a vanity publisher meaning any authors will not be charged any fee whatsoever to publish and produce books using the authors manuscripts. All the financial risk to publish and produce books etc is entirely Able Limited Editions, whether Able Limited Editions agree to pay or give authors any Advance before publication or not.

Vanity Publishing

Let's get some facts straight from the onset folks. Vanity Publishing must not be confused with Self Publishing or indeed Mainstream Publishing in any way whatsoever. Vanity Publishing is when any company or individual offers to publish work/manuscripts on the basis that the writer or author of the submitted work must pay them the production costs upfront of any said subsequent book or magazine etc. That is, the company or individual appears to promise the writer or author that they will publish the writer's or author's work; if the writer or author pays them for some said set number of copies of the said published and produced book or magazine etc. But the said book or magazine etc is more than often not produced at all, as far as the writer or author is aware.

There are numerous reasons why any vanity publishers don't actually produce the said promised books or magazines etc. Most reasons are directly and indirectly linked to the complexities of copyright and intellectual property laws. But to put all of them collectively quite bluntly in the proverbial nutshell, it's usually because that after paying the upfront production costs and entering the vanity based contract the writer or author finds the company or individual then demands there are some said additional costs such as extortionate Editorial Fees the writer or author must pay them also upfront after entering the contract; but cannot pay for whatever reason. As you can imagine, that is one of the situations where the said books or magazines etc will not be produced by the company or individual at all. But the major problems don't end there for the naive writer or author.

The writer or author will also more than likely then subsequently find they have lost their copyright to the unscrupulous vanity publisher. That is usually because they will find in some hindsight they actually assigned their copyright over to the vanity publisher when entering the vanity publishing contract.

It's because of such above noted reasons, for example, Able Limited Editions stress here openly that all writers and authors should be vigilant in seeking reliable advice from a solicitor before entering any publishing contract, particularly if the said publisher demands the writer or author must pay them any amount of money upfront on entering any book publishing contract, whether for said production costs or not. The financial risk of publishing and producing books in any format and in any quantity, allotting an ISBN and lodging copies of the produced book into the Legal Deposit Library are the responsibilities of the publisher - not the writer or author.

Able Limited Editions Publishing    

Publishing involves undertaking many complex procedures to publish and produce books in any format whatsoever from the Authors Manuscripts (MSS). Any Able Limited Editions Publishing Contract reflects those complexities. They are in fact Bespoke Contracts, carefully drafted to cater for the requirements and needs of the individual Authors. A basic overview of those complex procedures follow. But let's get a number of basic inclusions that will be withing all Bespoke Able Limited Editions Publishing Agreements out of the way first.

First of all, Able Limited Editions will not publish any work whatsoever which may be considered in any UK Court to be illegal and or unlawful in any way whatsoever. And any forms of fairy tale and or erotica and or pornography will not be published either by Able Limited Editions.

Able Limited Editions will also not publish any unsolicited work whatsoever. All unsolicited work will be destroyed by Able Limited Editions immediately on receipt of same unopened and unread. For any work to be accepted by Able Limited Editions as being solicited, the person submitting the work must first be invited by Able Limited Editions to submit their work. The invitation must be acknowledged in writing before submitting any work in accordance with Initial Manuscript Submission Rules (see below).

A suitable Bespoke Publishing Agreement will then be drafted by Able Limited Editions based on the needs and requirements of the author of the solicited work in the context of what had been submitted regarding Initial Manuscript Submission Rules and any negotiations. The Bespoke Publishing Agreement will clearly indicate the author will not be charged any Publishing and or Production costs whatsoever.

The authors must then submit their completed manuscript. But Able Limited Editions may charge them a nominal Editorial Fee if they fail in any significant way to adhere to any part whatsoever of the Full Manuscript Submission Rules and Able Limited Editions believes there is still substantial potential in publishing the incorrectly submitted Full/Completed Manuscript. If there is no such substantial potential Able Limited Editions may reject the incorrectly submitted Full Manuscript immediately and rescind the Publishing Agreement or rightly insist the writer or author must re-write the Full Manuscript to conform with the Full Manuscript Submission Rules.

Initial Manuscript Submission Rules

  1.  If any person whosoever wishes to submit any of their fiction or non-fiction manuscripts to Able Limited Editions to be considered for publication, they must first contact Able Limited Editions via the online Customer Services Contact Form in the Contact Us page of this Able Limited Editions website to obtain a confidential contact email address to then send the appropriate introductory documents to.
  2. Once they have received email notification of the confidential contact email address, they must then send a short cover letter of no more than 100 words, plus a synopsis of no more than 200 words within the main body of an email subsequently sent only to that confidential email address and attach a sample containing the first 3 chapters or first 25 pages of the proposed manuscript in word or pdf format to their emailed cover letter and synopsis. For obvious reasons, all of these attachment documents should be password protected.
  3. Subject to the person adhering to these Initial Manuscript Submission Rules and suitability of their manuscript sample etc, Able Limited Editions may then and only then invite them to submit their whole manuscript to Able Limited Editions as being Solicited Work firmly based on a strict non-disclosure clause.

Good luck with your Manuscripts folks.