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Terms & Conditions of Use

Extract from the Full Set of Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use

9. Any reasonable visitors whosoever to this Able Limited Editions website are most welcome. But any visitors must adhere to the following quite short list of Rules whilst visiting/searching/browsing this website.

Rule 1

Any visitors whosoever must not be any hackers of any sort whatsoever.

Rule 2

Any visitors whosoever must ensure they take all reasonable steps to ensure that their operating systems of their computers and or devices and or any software installed on any of their computers and or devices used to visit this website do not contain any form of virus and or malware and or spyware and or Trojan and or any other known and or unknown form of any illegally intrusive content whatsoever.

Rule 3

Any visitors whosoever to this website must not use any part of this website in any way whatsoever and or by any means whatsoever that may be considered by any UK court to be any illegal and or unlawful purpose whatsoever.

Rule 4

Any visitors whosoever must ensure they don't exceed their internet data usage at any time whatsoever whilst visiting this website.

Rule 5

If any visitors whosoever intend to contact any Able Limited Editions personnel whosoever by any means whatsoever they must do so in a polite, courteous and non-threatening manner whether physically or not. Any foul and or threatening and or abusive and or derogatory and or defamatory language whatsoever will not be tolerated by Able Limited Editions.

Rule 6

Any breach whatsoever of any of these Rules and or any related Terms & Conditions by any visitor to this website will result in Able Limited Editions applying their discretion to terminate any Able Limited Editions Account and or Arena Membership they may have with immediate effect and without any notice whatsoever and or block any such visitors from visiting this website again and or send a report to any prevailing policing and or any relevant bodies.

Let's have some fun folks; but not at the expense of any other of Able Limited Editions website Visitors and or Personnel etc.