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Delivery & Returns Policy

Extract from the Full Set of Terms & Conditions

Delivery & Returns


38. Any products purchased via this website are inclusive of any taxes, if any, plus any packaging and postage costs. They are then usually dispatched via Royal Mail by Able Limited Editions within 5 working days from the date of payment receipt.

39. At the moment, Able Limited Editions obtain Certificates of Posting cum Receipts from Royal Mail, meaning that by UK law purchased products are deemed to have been delivered by sellers to their purchasers. That means Able Limited Editions will not be liable for any said non-delivery. But please do allow any appropriate time (3 to 5 days) from the time of dispatch for Royal Mail to actually deliver or attempt to deliver to the given UK land mail address.


40. Due to the nature of digital products, Able Limited Editions will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any damage whatsoever to or caused by eBooks stored on their CDs as physical products. Able Limited Editions will thereby not accept the return of any digital content and or replace it. There will also be no refund whatsoever given for any such said digital damage whether returned to Able Limited Editions or not. If, however, it is proven that Able Limited Editions actually caused the said damage to the physical CD/s thereby digital content, then Able Limited Editions will accept the return of the CD/s at the sole expense of the purchaser/s then replace the CD/s. 

Packaging is amply sized and suitably padded to protect the contents.