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Secure Payment Policy

Extract from the Full Set of Terms & Conditions

Secure Payment Policy

35. Although Able Limited Editions accept payment by postal order, cheque or cash, any products purchased via this website must be paid for using the PayPal shopping cart system of this website.

36. PayPal is an internet-based company offering a very convenient, reliable and secure online way to pay for any goods and or services etc via the internet. They assure their users that paying through them is very secure, in that confidential banking details of buyers and participating sellers of goods and services etc are only held by PayPal, and not passed to or between the buyers and sellers. In any event, Able Limited Editions apply a very strict policy of not passing and or giving and or selling to and or sharing any personal data of any of online customers with any person whosoever; without valid High Court authority. Able Limited Editions also apply a policy of prosecuting any person who does any such thing on the said behalf of Able Limited Editions.

37. Purchasers need not have a PayPal account to use their service. But they must have a valid bank debit or credit card.