1. COOKIES - Able Limited Editions does not use Cookies on this website to collate any details of any of its customers and or visitors and or store any such details on any of its database/s. But third parties such as PayPal and or the customers or visitors browser supplier and or internet provider may without the knowledge of Able Limited Editions. 
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  3. Able Limited Editions have a policy of applying the additional layer of SSL to this Able Limited Editions website to protect private details of all its visitors.

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  5. Able Limited Editions have a policy of providing each Registered Able Limited Editions Customer with the opportunity to alter any of their registered private details at any time within their Registered Able Limited Editions account. Able Limited Editions strongly advise each account holder to at least change their Login Password as regularly as possible in an additional attempt to block access to any hacker whosoever by any means whatsoever.