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Able Limited Editions offer a Ghostwriting Service to prospective clients, who may have a part written manuscript; but maybe don't have the time or knowledge to complete it to any professional standard with any view of submitting it to any publishers for consideration. Or maybe they just have ideas for a book that must be developed in an acceptable manuscript written from scratch. But let's get it straight here from the onset that any Ghostwriting Agreement between Able Limited Editions and any of their Ghostwriting Clients must not be confused in any way whatsoever with any Publishing Agreement. That simply means Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Clients must not, in any way whatsoever, assume that Able Limited Editions will agree to publish their ghostwritten manuscript. - But there will of course be a far greater chance of agreeing to do so at the appropriate time during the Ghostwriting Process.

In that above context, any Terms & Conditions of any Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Agreement will clearly indicate that any part of the Ghostwriting Agreement will not form any part whatsoever of any Able Limited Editions Publishing Agreement. Each Ghostwriting Agreement will in fact be unique/Bespoke and complex formulated specifically under a strict non-disclosure clause to cater for the private and confidential needs and requirements of each Ghostwriting Client.

What will be consistent and clearly indicated within all Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Agreements is that the Ghostwriting Client/s must not insist and or attempt to insist that any part whatsoever of the proposed manuscript should contain anything whatsoever which may be considered by any UK Court to be in any way whatsoever illegal and or unlawful. It will also be clearly indicated that any Client/s must not insist and or attempt to insist that the genre context of any part whatsoever of the said proposed manuscript should be any form of fairy tale and or erotica and or pornography.

All Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Agreements will also clearly indicate that the Ghostwriter waives all rights to be named as the writer and or Author. Ghostwriting Client/s will have the sole right/s to be so named and will own Worldwide Copyright over the Completed Manuscript. That means the Client/s may submit the Completed Manuscript/s to any publishers for consideration.

The above basic public overview of the Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Service doesn't answer many searching questions for prospective Ghostwriting Clients to consider. But before contacting Able Limited Editions, they should read the content of the Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting FAQs, available to view on the page entitled Ghostwriting FAQs via the top (horizontal) main menu of this website. Doing so before contacting Able Limited Editions with any view of hiring a Ghostwriter will save a lot of valuable time, and possible heartache.

Good luck with your manuscript project.

Contacting Able Limited Editions

To contact Able Limited Editions with a view of entering private negotiations regarding the Ghostwriting Service, any prospective person whosoever should first :-

  • Send an email to , or use the Customer Services Contact Form on the Contact Us page of this Able Limited Editions website to clearly indicate an interest in entering negotiations with a view of entering an Able Limited Editions Ghostwriting Agreement. They should not give any details of the story they want to be told at this initial contact stage however. Customer Services will then send them a confidential email address and contact name via email as soon as practicable. The prospective person must then :-
  • write an introductory email of no more than 200 words to that named contact via the confidential email address only. They must then :-
  • only use that confidential email address to send any further details requested by the named contact and enter any subsequent negotiations regarding hiring Able Limited Editions to write their proposed manuscript.