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Creative Writing Facts and Fiction

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Creative Writing: Facts And Fiction is by Leo Hunter. Published by Able Limited Editions 2010, ISBN 9780955214387

It's a revealing ebook, focusing on all aspects of creative writing - including non-fiction, fiction and journalism. As such, it covers many aspects most publishers will not tell writers or authors, how to write any manuscript, copy or story to submit to any publisher with a view of publishing to a professional standard. It also covers writers rights, and how to create characters, besides how to create any compelling story. And Leo Hunter links universally applied law to issues raised, making it an absolutely essential inclusion for any library reference shelf of any aspiring writer or author. No fluff.

More than worth its price tag, since it delves into and reveals what some accredited institutions will not even tell their students. Yes, it's yet another unprecedented expose by Leo Hunter not to be missed.

Available only to UK purchasers via this website in the Able Limited Editions Mainstream EXE CD text format at £9.99 per CD, including packaging and postage to any UK land mail address. The price also includes entitlement of purchasers to claim Freebie Membership of the Able Limited Editions Arena.

Also available in the Kindle format via the Amazon UK website at a much reduced price; but with no Freebie Membership entitlement.

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