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Scuppering The Boat

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EXE CD Format. - Scuppering The Boat is a 210 page (86,000 words) true life autobiography written by Adrienne Nairn. It delves into elder abuse in the context of inheritance fraud.

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Scuppering The Boat is a 210 page (86,000 words) true life autobiography written by Adrienne Nairn. Published in this CD EXE Format in 2012 I.S.B.N. 978-0-9552143-9-4

Scuppering The Boat is a revealing ebook bravely written by Adrienne Nairn. Unprecedented, she flirts with the official boundaries of privacy and confidentiality as she struggles through barriers of nightmarish fear to expose many issues related to abuse of the power of attorney, abuse of the elderly, unscrupulous solicitors, police incompetence, inheritance fraud and several other crimes. All-in-all it appears that public bodies, including police, conspire to conceal the whole truth about how and why they're prepared to turn a devilish blind eye towards one of their own committing a number of crimes to obtain wealth. Are public bodies really that afraid to throw the book at one man wielding a Queen's honour? Adrienne investigates, having been thrown to the wolves by the public bodies who refused to investigate the crimes.

Adrienne Nairn bravely uncovers the how and why; but at a high cost as SAS tactics are used by an ex-SAS officer to induce fear in a protracted battle to conceal the truth about themselves. A court battle ensues.

Only available in the Able Limited Editions Mainstream CD EXE Format via this website. But the price of each CD copy includes delivery to any UK land mail address.

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