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Body Language

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Body Language: Fact or Fiction is a quite short non-fiction ebook expose, written by Leo Hunter, of the concept of using body language signals to evaluate intentions of people in personal and professional relationships.


Body Language: Fact or Fiction is written by Leo Hunter. Published by Able Limited Editions 2009 I.S.B.N. 9780955214332.
It's an intriguing non-fiction piece, offering an essential overview of how to read and use body language in itself to be successful in personal and professional relationships.
It also offers an essential no fluff introduction to the extremely intriguing concept of body language as a means of determining the intentions and attitudes of spouses, lovers, family members, friends and foe alike.
As such, the informative ebook is unprecedented; in that Leo Hunter links the relevant universally applied principles of law in defining what body language in fact truthfully is, as well as how and why the concept of body language is used to shape human behavior.
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